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Bids for Scottish shopping centre to start at £1

The Postings mall in Kirkcaldy is being sold after it failed to attract enough tenants. Source: BBC

Wylfa Newydd: Hitachi to halt work on UK nuclear plant

Japan's Hitachi plans to suspend all work on the Wylfa Newydd plant in Wales amid fears of rising costs. Source: BBC

No-deal Brexit warning for UK drivers

A no-deal Brexit would mean anyone planning to drive outside the UK would need an insurance Green Card. Source: BBC

Hermes: Where the luxury giant is an industry outsider

France's luxury retailer Hermes is trying to become a big player in Switzerland's exclusive watch industry. Source: BBC

Why are the Chinese buying fewer cars?

As both the government and households try to reduce their debt levels, car sales across China are declining. Source: BBC

Commuters and students 'short-changed by the government'

The inflation measure used to calculate some train fares and loan repayments is flawed, a Lords committee says. Source: BBC

Inflation falls to lowest level in nearly two years

UK inflation fell to 2.1% in December, pushed down by falling fuel prices. Source: BBC

Carlos Ghosn: Renault 'preparing to replace' jailed boss

Renault is "preparing to replace" the detained executive as chief executive and chairman, reports say. Source: BBC

Google Maps deterring outback tourists, say small firms

Australian authorities complain that Google Maps wrongly makes remote destinations seem inaccessible. Source: BBC

CBI chief welcomes 'new era' in approach to Brexit

The head of the business lobby group says a delay to Brexit is more likely now, to avoid a no-deal departure. Source: BBC

Asia moves to reassure firms as Brexit uncertainty spikes

Countries in Asia push forward with trade negotiations to calm businesses as Brexit uncertainty rises. Source: BBC

How does Brexit affect the pound?

Sterling has had a volatile couple of years since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Why? Source: BBC

Boohoo remains in fashion as sales surge

The online retailer raises its revenue forecast as sales at its PrettyLittleThing brand nearly double. Source: BBC

German economic growth slowest for five years

Europe's largest economy grew by 1.5% last year, figures show, its slowest rate since 2013. Source: BBC

Gillette faces backlash and boycott over '#MeToo advert'

The video about toxic masculinity, bullying and men's behaviour sparks outrage online. Source: BBC

China province looks to boost shopping with longer weekend

China's Hebei province has a creative plan to stimulate the economy as growth in the country slows. Source: BBC