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Barclays plans 2,500 new jobs in Glasgow

The bank says plans to set up a new hub on the banks of the Clyde will double its Scottish workforce. Source: BBC

Ryanair profits hit by higher wage costs

The Irish airline is forced to improve its pay as staff take strike action to get a better deal. Source: BBC

Brazil dam disaster: BHP Billiton faces lawsuit in Australia

The company will defend itself against allegations that it misled investors before a dam collapse. Source: BBC

Full-fibre broadband pledge for new homes

All of the UK will have full-fibre broadband coverage by 2033 under a new national telecoms strategy. Source: BBC

Trade tensions pose a risk to global growth – G20 ministers

G20 ministers call for greater dialogue to reduce the risk of trade tensions hurting the world economy. Source: BBC

Retailer profit warnings double in year, says EY

The retail sector has been hit by rising costs and subdued spending, says EY report. Source: BBC

Dominic Raab: We can get Brexit deal done by October

But preparations have begun in case negotiations end without agreement, Brexit secretary says. Source: BBC

Ryanair customers urged to claim compensation

The Civil Aviation Authority says airlines must give customers two-weeks notice or pay compensation. Source: BBC

Trade war a reality, French finance minister warns

Bruno Le Maire accuses the US of using "the law of the jungle" with unilateral tariffs Source: BBC

Fur sales: MPs call for consultation to ban real fur

Poor labelling means real fur is being sold in the High Street and online as fake fur, MPs say. Source: BBC

Smart meters to cut energy bills by just £11, say MPs

MPs say smart meters will not deliver expected savings and their rollout will not meet a deadline. Source: BBC

Lebanese farmer: Growing cannabis should be legal

Lebanon is considering legalising cannabis. A farmer explains why this could "benefit everyone". Source: BBC

Mortgage misery

Excessive lending before the Financial Crisis has left many homeowners at risk of having their homes repossessed Source: BBC

Six ways China could retaliate in a trade war

With the US President suggesting tariffs could hit $500bn of goods, China could retaliate in several ways. Source: BBC

Landlords in legal challenge to House of Fraser rescue

In a legal challenge landlords say they have been unfairly treated in the rescue deal for House of Fraser. Source: BBC

UK government borrowing at 11-year low

Public sector borrowing between April and June fell to the lowest level since 2007. Source: BBC