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The former Nissan chairman is accused of misreporting his salary and misusing company assets. Source: BBC
The Kingfisher tycoon is waiting to learn whether he will be extradited to India to face fraud charges. Source: BBC
Shares in outsourcing company Interserve more than halve after it says it is seeking a rescue deal. Source: BBC
The Black Friday effect is driving more shopping online for a longer period, retail researchers say. Source: BBC
Liquor baron Vijay Mallya will appear in a London court to learn if he will be extradited to India. Source: BBC
Facebook is in crisis. And the firm's chief operating officer, once the golden girl, is taking the heat. Source: BBC
Lewis Moult scores the only goal of the game as Preston end Nottingham Forest's five-game unbeaten run. Source: BBC News Nottinghamshire
Interserve, which provides services in prisons, schools and hospitals, is struggling with £500m debts. Source: BBC
Two goals from CJ Hamilton see Mansfield take victory in the Nottinghamshire derby against Notts County. Source: BBC News Nottinghamshire
The foreign ministry demands Canada release CFO Meng Wanzhou, who faces fraud charges in the US. Source: BBC
A regular girls-only skateboarding session is challenging what is perceived as a mostly male sport. Source: BBC News Nottinghamshire
Meng Wanzhou faces fraud charges over sanctions-breaking business with Iran, a Canadian court hears. Source: BBC
A cluster of concerns has cast markets into turmoil. Source: BBC
Neither Ben Stokes nor Alex Hales will miss any further England matches as a result of their part in a fight outside a Bristol nightclub in September. Source: BBC News Nottinghamshire
China's tech giant leads the market for telecoms infrastructure, and is second only to Samsung in smartphone sales. Source: BBC
The valuable Portland Tiara was stolen in a night-time raid at the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Source: BBC News Nottinghamshire